Conversation with Mike Miceli and Joe Callaway 1/10 is delighted to share some stories of locals who have a long and cherished history of our home.  These 10 segments of Mike Miceli and Joe Callaway were taped on the front porch of Froceli’s on West Beach Blvd (March 6th).  We greatly appreciate Mike and Joe sharing their memories!

Please tell our sponsors you appreciate their participation in our ongoing quest to capture and share some of our colorful local history from the individuals who lived it.

Conversation with Mike Miceli and Joe Callaway
Part 1 fo 10

Mike Miceli talk’s with Joe Callaway about growing up what now is known as Plash Island.  Joe was born in 1934 and recalls when he was growing up they didn’t have an automobile and if you went anywhere you went by boat or you walked.


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