Steven Dark gives Lisa a pottery lesson

Ceramic artist Steven Dark’s work is well known on the Gulf Coast for his always irreverent take on traditional vessel forms and a dark self-deprecating humor that expresses itself in his recent series of caricature heads.

In his over twenty year career, Steven has largely disdained functional pottery in favor of object making that reveals a one of a kind aesthetic, wherein the object, whether it be a satiric self-portrait as an anthropomorphized chicken or a simple vessel is created out of an inner need to express himself in defiance of the demands of a market sometimes unable to appreciate the need for the funky and unusual.

Dark uses a mostly limited palette and references to a folk art tradition to create works that have a presence sometimes humorous and sometimes somber, expressing the seemingly disappearing idea that art is made to satisfy the demands of the soul of the artist and not to please the vagaries of popular taste.

Donan Klooz
Curator of Exhibitions
Mobile Museum of Art

Phone:  (251) 968-4982


Steven Dark gives Lisa a pottery lesson

Steven Dark (well known ceramic artist) gives Lisa a pottery lesson.


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